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Our Technology

AtmoCooling harnesses cutting-edge technology to transform arid deserts into productive, cooler microclimates. Our system dynamically controls water droplet sizes, optimizing evaporative cooling across vast areas. By leveraging algorithms trained on decades of weather data and real-time sensor feedback, we create scalable solutions for agriculture, clean energy, and urban cooling without the need for fresh water. This innovative approach offers a sustainable method to combat desertification and enhance land usability, making AtmoCooling a pioneer in ecological and climate resilience.

Take a Closer Look


As the world’s agricultural lands ever-shrink due to our shifting climate, as we deploy solar in increasingly harsh environments to shift our energy mix, and as our cities continue to warm dangerously, AtmoCooling is addressing these challenges by building a climate adaptation technology. AtmoCooling  replicates and supercharges natural atmospheric cooling affordably at scale.


AtmoCooling boosts yield in desert agriculture by tackling the challenges of high temperatures and low humidity. Our technology offers a sustainable way to reduce irrigation costs and enhance soil conditions, leading to better crop productivity in harsh environments.

Solar Energy

We enhance the efficiency of solar farms by addressing the dual challenges of overheating panels and dust accumulation. Our cooling system ensures photovoltaic panels operate at optimal temperatures, significantly cutting down maintenance costs and boosting energy output.

Urban Cooling

AtmoCooling transforms urban desert communities into more comfortable living spaces by significantly reducing the reliance on air conditioning. By cooling the ambient temperatures, we offer a sustainable solution to decrease energy consumption and improve the livability of low-rise communities in arid regions.

We have designed the
first-of-its-kind system from first principles

First_Principles_Primeros Principios-WEB_Primeros Principios - ES.png

The Technology

Our algorithmically-driven cooling system dynamically controls droplet size, and is the first system to enable precise evaporation of saline waters like seawater or desalinization brine reject. This gives the ability to create and cool the natural environment by up to 15 ℃ from 10 to 10,000 hectares in size without using any fresh water.

These three scatter plots charts present a comparative analysis of temperatures and vapor pressure deficit (VPD) before and after the application of AtmoCooling's technology.

Across all charts, the X-axis signifies time, charting days from January 1st (0) to December 31st (364). 

Chart 1, 'Natural vs Cooled Temperature,' with a Y-axis spanning 0°C to 50°C, reveals how AtmoCooling technology cools ambient air.

Chart 2, 'Natural Heat Index vs Cooled Heat Index,' uses the same temperature range to contrast the perceived heat before and after cooling. 

Lastly, Chart 3, 'Natural vs Cooled Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD),' quantifies the atmospheric moisture content, from 0 to 10 kPa, demonstrating the technology's ability to fine-tune humidity levels for enhanced climatic conditions.

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