Atmosphere Tropical Cooling


What We Do

Our Solution

Global warming associated with unsustainable agricultural practices threatens food security in subtropical countries.

Thanks to the evaporation of water in the dry winds, we create microclimates specific to the agricultural development.

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Application area

80,000 km2

This is the area of coastal areas that can be cultivated along the Red Sea and around the Arabian Peninsula with our technology. 

In order to set up an ATC system, the following conditions must be met:

  • Presence of constant and dry winds

  • Relatively flat spaces over long distances

  • Proximity to sea water or large rivers

Globally, the total area of arable land is estimated at 150,000 km2.


Our Action Places

Making A Difference


Middle East

Agricultural practices in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula will deplete the water tables within 10 years.


90% of agriculture in Egypt depends on the irrigation of the Nile while its flow will be reduced by a factor of 5 in the coming years.



Land degradation is alarmingly reducing the agricultural yields on which local people depend.


Our Installation



Thanks to ATC installations, crops such as fodder, onions, potatoes, dates and others become possible in previously unexploitable desert regions.


Current Average Conditions


New Created Conditions


Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization


Paul-Emmanuel Hervé

Technology & Prototyping

Graduate of Supmeca Paris
Engineer at Expleo in the design office for Renault

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Said Karakach

Fluid Mechanics Simulation

Graduate of ENSAM Paris and enginner internship at University College London


Paul Herbert


Senior Analyst in San Francisco for 3 years


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