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Unlocking the Potential of Global Deserts


Increasing populations will require more land to produce food and clean energy.

The world's deserts are underutilized with massive potential.

What if technology could help us cool these regions more affordably?


AtmoCooling’s patented technology takes a first principles approach to replicate and supercharge natural atmospheric cooling.  We create microclimates from 10 to 10,000 hectares in size, cooling the natural environment by up to 15 degrees celcius without using any fresh water.

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AtmoCooling’s patented technology replicates and supercharges natural atmospheric cooling to create microclimates up to 15ºC cooler and 10 to 10,000+ hectares in size.

Meet the Team

The AtmoCooling team is a dynamic and diverse group of professionals united by a common mission to combat climate change through innovative technology. Led by "The Pauls", the team brings expertise with backgrounds spanning engineering, environmental science, business development, and project management, each member brings unique expertise and a passion for sustainability.

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Let's create a greener future for our deserts.

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