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Transforming Deserts

The world's demand for food continues to grow, and more land is needed for farmland, resulting in the destruction of climate-critical areas like the Amazon at an alarming rate.


The solution starts with wind...


Global wind patterns are the engine that drives our climate.

Hot dry winds contribute to the loss of millions of hectares of land to desertification every year....but these winds are also an untapped resource.


Our patented technology uses these hot dry winds to create cool microclimates transforming coastal deserts into thriving hubs of agriculture, clean energy, and climate resilience.

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Meet our Founders

At AtmoCooling, our team is dedicated to developing climate solutions that address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing our world today. Led by "The Pauls" the team brings expertise in engineering, design, logistics, operations, and software development. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence and we believe that our team's passion and expertise will help us make a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities, investment inquiries, or to learn more about Atmo Cooling technology. 


Let’s create a greener future for our deserts.

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